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Users of social networks found a man inside the robot Boris

In one of the broadcasts of the TV channel “Russia 24” aired a story about a robot Boris, who knows how to dance and solve math problems. How do I find the users of social networks, Boris was not a robot but a real person.

Robot Boris was presented to the public on 11 December 2018 in the framework of all-Russian forum “Proektoriya”. Among the guests was also the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Particular emphasis was placed on new technologies, in particular on the …


Facebook is developing flexible robots that move and act like living organisms

At Facebook there are several open positions for graduate students in the field of soft robotics. New employees need to create robots that move and act like real animals.

According to Business Insider, Facebook for 2018 hired graduate students to conduct research in the field of soft robotics. The company continues to look for employees for this industry.

Soft robotics is an experimental area of robotics that focuses on creating robots based on biology rather than the traditional …


Comedian Jimmy Fallon sang a duet with a robot Sophia

American comedian Jimmy Fallon in the framework Letterman sang a duet with a robot Sophia. They played the song “Say Something” by Christina Aguilera and “A Great Big World”.

A joint performance by Jimmy Fallon and robots Sofia was held as part of the evening show “The Tonight Show” (translated into Russian language “Tonight”), which aired on NBC. Before that, the MC conducted a short interview with the robot, who received worldwide fame thanks to the recognition in the desire to …


“We are not robots”: Amazon thousands of workers went on strike in the “Black Friday”

Thousands of warehouse staff Amazon in Europe are protesting because of the conditions of work during the “Black Friday”. British politicians supported the strike and urged the leadership of the Amazon to start a dialogue.

The European trade unions jointly with the British trade Union GMB has organized this action and recorded a video with the Amazon workers, who in five languages say “We are not robots”.

In Italy, Spain, France and Germany the workers had planned to strike for 24 …


Japanese startup announced the commercial release of “home robots” in the next 5 years

Many people when thinking about “home robots” that can perform any amount of work around the house, it seems that they will appear in very distant future. The Japanese tech startup is ready to start commercial production of such robots in the next 5 years.

The founder of the company Preferred Networks, the most valuable technology start-up in Japan, Toru Nishikawa in an interview with publisher Bloomberg said that such robots can already appear in 5 years.

“We want to bring these …


Iron Ox: the Robots are, people relax

California startup Iron Ox presented a fully automated system for growing plants. 800 sq m of land instead of dozens of people work two robots. The first was “Angus” is engaged in the transportation of containers with seedlings on the farm, its weight is about 450 lbs. With the help of special sensors, it constantly monitors the growing shoots in order to provide them with the necessary care. Second, the robotic arm responsible for planting seeds, transplanting adult plants and the harvest. …


3 game RPG, in which it is necessary to play

It so happened that the real game projects rarely visit the operating system macOS. Sometimes, the niche and shareware crafts in the Mac App Store, you come across unique projects. We picked up 3 games in the genre of RPG from Supergiant Games.


Bastion — role-playing game, debut developer Supergiant Games, which has brought them numerous awards and a huge flurry of positive reviews worldwide. The publisher of the game was made by Warner Bros., the release took place on 20 …


Large technology companies spend on industrial equipment 10 times more than General Motors

Apple and four major technology companies have spent a total of $ 80 billion in industrial equipment last year. That’s ten times bigger than General Motors.

“Holding Google Inc. (which is owned by Google) and other four dominant companies in the U.S. – Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook – are quickly becoming industry giants. Last year they spent a total of $ 80 billion in physical assets, including production equipment and specialized tools to build iPhone and powerful …


The invasion of the robots: Siri is too smart in iOS 12

Apple fans who for many years was blamed Siri for stupidity, may be very surprised to find out how smarter digital assistant has become iOS 12 – reports Cult of Mac.

Apple has unveiled new Siri abilities at WWDC 2018 in early June. Now she will be able to recall the events about which the user she is not even reported. One developer told a pretty spooky story.

“Oh, shit! I was just discussing the upcoming lunch with iMessage on the Mac. Did not create any events in calendar …


How to do sports in the 21st century

To play sports, not necessarily to go to the gym – enough to install a special application and not to be lazy to exercise. MacDigger editors have selected those, which will really help to get in shape.

In the world where you can enjoy a meal at home, to work, not getting out of bed, and use of robots for harvesting, the need in sports is lost. Fortunately, many continue to enjoy daily Jogging, pushups, holding planks, squats and other things.

But, thanks to technology, all this …