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Apple sees RCS as a replacement for SMS

Apple is discussing the possibility of implementing the standard RCS in their devices. Call it an updated version of SMS. The development and promotion of RCS in by the leading mobile operators, Google and Microsoft.

On Reddit appeared slide October the presentation of the GSMA — trade organization that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. According to this slide, “Apple has discussed with the GSMA and operators of the RCS implementation in iOS.”

The slide …


Do you trust all the apps that are downloading on your iPhone?

Experts in the field of cybersecurity has found more than a dozen apps for iPhone, secretly interacting with a server associated with Golduck. This malware at the time caused a lot of problems for Android users. Infecting the popular classic gaming applications, Golduck allows attackers to execute arbitrary commands and send SMS from the victim’s phone. About it reports TechCrunch, citing studies Wandera.

The program Golduck is known for more than a year, since, as was first …


Putin submitted amendments to the Federal law on microfinance activity and microfinance organizations

Or rather, in the seventh article of the law that is responsible for overdue debt. The document can be found on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The essence of the change is very simple: now anyone can get accurate information about both the presence of any debt in microfinance institutions and its size and structure.

First and foremost, it is important for mobile operators: previously, they could send customers an SMS about the existence of the debt, but could not …


Tele2 started to charge for messages to the number of “Sberbank”

Mobile operator Tele2 started to charge clients a fee for sending SMS to number 900, which is owned by “Sberbank”. Through it, users can receive notifications from the Bank and carry out financial transactions.

As it turned out, in August of this year, Tele2 is automatically connected to almost all its users the service “SMS-inquiry service number 900,” which gave subscribers a 100% discount on sending messages to the number of “Sberbank”. However, the action took place only in the …


What’s wrong with SMS

30 years ago, SMS was conceived as a convenient means of communication between people. But in 2018 they are no longer such a tool. Maybe it’s time to get rid of them completely?

The idea for this text came to me after I received another advertisement message. I keep getting notifications and “interesting” sentences. While most of the newsletters I didn’t sign up.

This is the first drawback of SMS messages — they are familiar tools for many unscrupulous companies who buy phone numbers. …


N. N: the App that could save lives

There are times when we find ourselves in difficult or life-threatening situation. Sometimes it is the fault of people we know. For such cases, the project violence “Violence.No” have developed a special app with a panic button.

If you got into trouble, became or may become the victim of domestic violence, feel threatened by a person can’t just leave the alarm button will help you. After pressing, the app will automatically send SMS notification to your friends and family so they could …


The savings Bank together with Visa launched its own digital map

Sberbank, with the support of Yandex and Visa payment system will launch its own digital map. It can be issued free of charge in the app “Sberbank Online”.

Digital debit card will be available free to all clients of Sberbank. The main advantage of the new means of payment is the speed of processing: the digital map will be produced instantly and the client can immediately get the details right in the app “Sberbank Online”. Instead of a pin for this card use a special code to confirm …


Tele2 behind the big three operators have launched a tariff with unlimited Internet

The company Tele2 has followed the example of senior colleagues and submitted a tariff plan unlimited Internet traffic. “My unlimited” offers 500 minutes, 50 SMS and unlimited Internet, however, at the rate some restrictions apply.

For a start it is worth noting that the Internet is actually unlimited. That is, the user can pump as much information as it sees fit and without restriction of speed after downloading a certain amount of data.

Throughout Russia, users have free …


Sberbank launches its own virtual mobile operator

Information is on the official website of “Sberbank”. The operator is called “Bermoral” and is a development test project “let’s Talk”, which the company was engaged in August 2017. “Interfax” informs that, the operator uses the Tele2 network.

Become a subscriber “Spermophile” now in Moscow, St. Petersburg and regions of these cities. In addition, until the end of 2018 the company plans to expand coverage in the Bryansk, Kaluga, Kostroma, Belgorod, Tambov, Tula, Tver, Ryazan, Smolensk, …