Take a look at the concept of Apple Car, raise your spirits

If Apple will release a car, how will it look like? We don’t have a clue. Motor Trend, concerned about this issue, gathered some latest ideas of designers and translate them into the concept. What came out of it? Turned out to be debris, which is quite interesting to look at. It could also be called “iPhone 6 on wheels.”

Do the designers really believe that Apple may launch the car in the colors Silver, Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold? You will see on the pictures the gold car. The first thing that struck me is the stripes, which are very strongly reminiscent of hated all the plastic strips on the iPhone. Very funny.

The fun continues. Why not make the lights look like openings for the speakers on the iPad? Please already did. The roof will resemble a rounded glass. But the designers forgot that the gold iPhone glass white.

Another omission is a corporate style of Apple, which likely would not cover your product five logos. However, other car manufacturers do.

Comment on salon, I will not.

That’s why we love Apple. This company may realize what many even imagine can not, and when I try, it turns out that something in the spirit of this concept.

According to the materials of Business Insider

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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