Technology for quick charging Pump Express from MediaTek 3.0 lets you recharge your smartphone to 70% in 20 minutes [video]

The company MediaTek has introduced a new generation of its fast-charging technology Pump Express 3.0, which reportedly is the fastest solution for charging the batteries of modern smartphones.

With Pump Express 3.0 battery device can be charged from 0 to 70% in just 20 minutes. Closest competitors show the result twice as bad as when using normal charging, the user will need 5 times more time. Charging a compatible smartphone within 5 minutes, we can talk on it for about four hours.

As told in the MediaTek, in the technology Express 3.0 Pump current goes directly from the adapter to the battery, leaving the standard built-in charging circuit inside. This smartphone is protected against overheating

“The reality is that users need more and more powerful smartphones, with more and more multimedia functions, but without having to spend all day around the outlet, ā€” said the Executive Vice-President of MediaTek, Jeffrey Ju. ā€” Our technology allows you to quickly charge your device so that the user can stay connected and continue to use the device, without being tethered to a power source”.

Charging is via the USB-C connector, while Pump Express 3.0 has 20 built-in protection device. When you create technology has been used experience in the field of temperature control and fast charging devices from the company Richtek, which was recently acquired by MediaTek.

Compared to Pump Express 2.0 MediaTek managed to reduce the leakage energy by more than 70% when using a branded charger.

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