Tele2 behind the big three operators have launched a tariff with unlimited Internet

The company Tele2 has followed the example of senior colleagues and submitted a tariff plan unlimited Internet traffic. “My unlimited” offers 500 minutes, 50 SMS and unlimited Internet, however, at the rate some restrictions apply.

For a start it is worth noting that the Internet is actually unlimited. That is, the user can pump as much information as it sees fit and without restriction of speed after downloading a certain amount of data.

Throughout Russia, users have free incoming, unlimited calls to Tele2 subscribers, unlimited bandwidth for the Internet and 50 SMS messages. Minutes included in the tariff is spent on calls to other operators. The subscription fee is 500 rubles per month.

The main disadvantage of rate — a ban on the distribution of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. Such a possibility is only at the rate “jump!” from “Megaphone”, but the price for the latter is higher. In addition, the “My unlimited” does not support downloading torrents, however, this feature is not available for all operators.

At the moment, unlimited Internet is all the main Russian operators. It should be noted that the analyst TelecomDaily believes that this option may disappear in the next year. “In the past, operators again will hope that have been able to accustom subscribers to save on bandwidth so they can sell larger packages of data,” he said.

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