Tele2 started to charge for messages to the number of “Sberbank”

Mobile operator Tele2 started to charge clients a fee for sending SMS to number 900, which is owned by “Sberbank”. Through it, users can receive notifications from the Bank and carry out financial transactions.

As it turned out, in August of this year, Tele2 is automatically connected to almost all its users the service “SMS-inquiry service number 900,” which gave subscribers a 100% discount on sending messages to the number of “Sberbank”. However, the action took place only in the period from 7 August to 8 November 2018.

Now the price for one message in the home region is 2 rubles, while in other parts of Russia ā€” 3.5 rubles. SMS included in the package of services will not be spent, and therefore the operation will be paid regardless of the tariff plan of the client. Thus, for the replenishment of mobile phone account or pay the template fee may be charged up to 7 $ 3.5 rubles ā€” the cost of the main query and a 3.5 confirmation.

It is assumed that this decision was taken in order to compensate for the losses due to the upcoming outage nationwide roaming.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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