Tele2 wants to become the operator with the best quality network in Russia

The operator Tele2 has introduced a system of active monitoring of the quality of communication. The solution allows you to test voice services, data transmission and value-added services in 2G, 3G and 4G, the company said.

For monitoring the quality of Tele2 uses software-hardware complex SITE from the company SIGOS, which is a platform with databases, storage of SIM cards and testing mobile devices with support for 2G/3G/4G. Continuous quality control of the connection modules that are installed in the regions of presence of the operator.

Per day the active monitor performs more than 50,000 tests. Approximately half of the measurements necessary for the validation of infotainment services and basic services Tele2. For example, the complex daily determines the availability of options such as “Beep” and “Geosearch”. The system evaluates the voice quality, the success of sending SMS and MMS, execute USSD commands and accessibility of online resources of the company. If the test result is unsatisfactory, the system automatically sends the information to the support service. This allows the operator to eliminate a potential problem before with her massively experienced users.

In addition, the system of active monitoring involves checking of domain name availability from the register of forbidden resources of Roskomnadzor. This group of tests covers one-third of the total number of studies of the complex SITE.

Introduced at Tele2 monitoring system will activate a special application which reproduces the action of the Internet user. The program loads various types of content in 3G/4G networks, while testing the data transfer speed and availability of connection channels. Based on monitoring data support corrects the work servers.

Complex real-time checks the communication quality and data transfer rate, the message delivery time. With it, Tele2 saves about 5 000 man-hours per week, which corresponds to the work of 120 employees, said the company.

In testing the quality of communication can also take part of the operator’s subscribers. Especially for this, Tele2 has developed an app for smartphones and tablets, which is in the background analyzes the communication quality and automatically transfers information about the network. The app is available in App Store and Google Play.

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