Telegram experienced a security problem

The messenger Telegram by many users is considered a stronghold of the security of personal data (unfortunately the governments of some countries), however, and this serious system is not immune from shortcomings.

Security researcher Diri Mishra found that a desktop application Telegram missed both public and private IP addresses during voice calls due to its peer-to-peer structure. And if your mobile users could disable peer-to-peer calls and keep your information secret, those who work at the computer was not able to protect themselves. Thus, attackers can reveal your location no matter how careful you are.

A Mishra got 2 000 euros for the find. The company fixed the problem in version 1.4 of the app Telegram, giving users the ability to disable peer-to-peer calls completely or limited to a few contacts. This story shows once again that even in applications with a huge reputation have to keep an ear out.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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