Telegram for the first time surpassed by popularity Viber users Yota

Yota has published the results of a study of the popularity of instant messengers during trips abroad. The first Telegram went to the popularity of Viber.

In early June 2016 Yota offered users unlimited communication abroad. Sending and receiving text messages works even with a zero balance and this option is enabled, Internet traffic. The most popular instant messengers users Yota roaming was WhatsApp and Telegram. On WhatsApp had 60% of the total traffic. Telegram with a small gap ahead of Viber and 15% of the traffic. The leaders are followed by Viber (12%), iMessage (9%) and Facebook Messenger (4%).

“We expect that the proposed service will be popular among our users. In the first two months after launch the number of customers who have used the messengers abroad with zero balance, increased by 15%,” says COO Yota Vladimir Dobrynin.

Service connection is not required. The transfer of media files is only possible with activated megabyte the package Internet traffic or the current roaming options, 20+20 MB or 5+5 MB.

Roaming with Yota is available in 229 countries of the world, in 56 countries, the mobile Internet can be used in LTE networks. Yota clients can fully control the costs around the world in the mobile app without fear of overpayments. Leaving the roaming country, users see in the mobile application Yota complete information about the balance, the balance of Internet traffic and incoming minutes in real time.

In General, the consumption of instant messengers among customers Yota is distributed thus: the most popular messenger is WhatsApp, with this application to communicate 45% of users. Second place goes to Viber to 28%, followed by Skype (15%), Telegram (8%) and Facebook (4%).

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