Telegram launches the online payments platform and Telescope

The messenger Telegram announced the launch of a new system of Bot Payments, with which users will be able to pay for goods and services. The creators of the service promised not to store the information about Bank cards.

Telegram connected the online payments Payments the Bot currently support most of the operations provides us processing platform Stripe. Later must earn and other platforms ā€” RazorPay, FlutterWave and PaymentWall, available in more than 190 countries around the world. Later, the company promises the inclusion of the number of partners of the service “Yandex.Money” and Qiwi for Russia and for Uzbekistan Payme.

“Stripe is only the beginning. In the coming days, the payments will become available to developers in India using RazorPay, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Uganda through FlutterWave, and more than 190 other countries through PaymentWall. “Yandex.Money” and Qiwi for Payme Russia and Uzbekistan will join a bit later”, ā€“ stated in the Telegram blog.

Payments will be made through bots created by the developers around the world. It is noted that the messenger is to establish communication between customers, their chosen payment systems bots and sellers, without becoming a party to the transaction. Therefore, the company will not collect any personal user information or to receive a percentage of the transaction.

Bot Payments will also support Apple Pay. The update will be available for users of new versions of the application.

The user who has the Telegram minimum version 4.0, you can contact the seller through chat. In order to buy something, he will need to send payment system your Bank card information. In the Telegram it is assured that the company itself will not engage in payments processing, card services will not receive.

Founded by Pavel Durov Telegram service in the world uses about 100 million people. In Russia, the number of messenger users at the beginning of 2017 amounted to about 6 million.

Also in the Telegram 4.0 introduced the function of recording video messages. The new feature will allow users to share videos with people ā€” as well as audio messages.

To record video messages, click on the microphone icon and enable the camera mode, and then hold the button with the camera icon to record video. If necessary, you can swipe up to lock the app in record mode.

In addition, messenger has launched a video platform for Telescope owners public Telegram channels. It is possible to store videos up to one minute (as in the video). Posted in channels, videos will be stored on the relevant pages in the Telescope, so they could share outside of the Telegram.

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