Tesla has promised to take the owners of electric cars on drill rig

Referral program company Tesla added a new item: the owners of luxury electric cars will have the opportunity to ride on boring machine of The Boring Company. It is stated in the publication TechCrunch.

2015 Tesla conducts extensive referral program, divided into levels. The main goal of the company ā€” the encouragement and attraction of new customers. Among the discounts, bonuses and invites to events, it is highly attractive was the offer to operate the machine for drilling The Boring Company, created by Illona Musk for the construction of its own high-speed Hyperloop infrastructure.

Invitation to the second level referral program received from the owners of Model S and Model X. the special code motorists are required to invite at least five friends that will be able to get unlimited access to charging stations Supercharging and $1000 for the purchase of new electric cars.

The winner of the second level will receive the main prize ā€” a trip on a drilling machine of The Boring Company.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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