Than Apple is in Cambridge?

Whenever it comes to artificial intelligence, the first thing that renders our brain, this is a frame from the second part of “Terminator”, where the main characters seek to destroy that which is born in the minds of the evil geniuses of the universe. This image, which is laboratory mind instilled in fantastic films, quite far from the reality and by no means makes him capable of inflicting intentional harm. Another issue is that it is equally difficult to extract from artificial intelligence, though some use than Apple with varying degrees of success engaged.

Secret lab of Apple Inc., based near Cambridge University is a key link in the chain of development of technology of voice recognition and maintaining meaningful dialogue. On this edition of Business Insider reported by informed sources, who requested anonymity. According to sources, the office employs a team of 30 people under the command of Ruslan Salakhutdinova, a leading specialist of University Carnegie Mellon in the field of artificial intelligence.

The office is located at 90 Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 1PG

“It is still unclear what direction Apple plans to develop Siri ā€” says Bloomberg employment Salakhutdinova. ā€“ It is assumed that the basis of the updated assistant will be the groundwork of a startup VocalIQ, who in his undertakings went much further than Microsoft, Google and Amazon combined. Note, however, that at this stage of technology VocalIQ have a very specific style of communication, does not allow to implement them in the finished product.”

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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