Than Apple will replace the Home button in the next generation iPhone

In Apple continue to study possible scenarios of further development to the iPhone. If you believe the analysts, referring to old rumors and information from suppliers, the next generation “fruit” of the smartphone may well lose, in addition to the audio connector, and Home button. What is in Cupertino plan to replace such a recognizable brand and become the subject of exterior?

Published on Wednesday, the patent owned by the company, describes a special hardware add-in module for 3D Touch that responds to your touch in the bottom of the screen. According to some sources based on resistive elements of the mechanism, combined with the biometric scanner can be applied in practice already the iPhone 7.

Besides the obvious features in the form of replacement features of the Home key, the new interface will be able to boast the recognition of swipes for performing certain system actions. According to the descriptive part of the patent, special moves activate multitasking or will allow much faster to respond to an incoming message.

Something similar already tried to “push” to the masses the engineers at Yota Devices, presented its own implementation of the swipe-panel under the screen. Needless to say that “innovation” is not managed in the second generation YotaPhone it was decided to refuse. I would like to believe that the implementation of craftsmen from Cupertino will be much more intuitive.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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