Than can boast iPad Pro 2?

Despite the widespread opinion about the hopelessness of the iPad Pro, to argue that this is the coolest and powerful “tablet”, I think that there will be no one. No matter how you treated the first professional tablet from Apple, you most likely recognize his work of art the world of technology. No? Well, okay. That’s not it either.

In order to try to somehow redeem himself in the eyes thirsty for innovation users, Apple engineers have probably already started to create the second generation iPad Pro. If we do not take into account padOS ephemeral, existing in the minds of the most devoted fans and analysts, we offer to your attention three aspects of the future of the tablet to make it even more productive and perfect.

10-nanometer chip А10Х

If you remember, recently we wrote about the approximate timing of the release of iPad 2 on the market and its probable delay due to the difficulties of developing a 10-nm process technology chip А10Х. I think the next generation processor, receiving a smaller physical size and greater energy efficiency along with the increased number of transistors, should be a great successor to the ruling Bal А9Х. However, before 2017, to wait definitely not worth it.

3D Touch

When probably the most anticipated and raspiarenny “Apple” product of the past few years has not been cherished interface, the fans, to put it mildly, surprised. The innovation is introduced ten minutes before the iPhone 6s, the module was simply incompatible with a really big screen “prosci”. But, according to analysts reports, the next generation iPad Pro will get a 3D Touch.


In order to provide a decent level of performance the processor А9Х, engineers from Cupertino was necessary to equip the tablet RAM a new generation, the capacity of which was sufficient to cope with the “appetites” of the offspring of TSMC. In order to cope with potential power А10Х, Apple will need to improve the already high-speed memory strip up to 68 Gbit/S. the Most likely scenario is the integration of the RAM type LPDDR4-4266. However, there are also less common standards such as, for example, JEDEC and the like, also capable of much. But the choice, as always, for the Apple.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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