Than the Chinese software for the Mac is different from American and European

In the US and Europe, developers are moving away from full-fledged apps in favor of web services. In China, the situation is reversed, and the approach of the East is much better.

A large part of the popular apps developed by us and European companies, only works in the browser or built on the technology of Electron (web applications that run outside the browser). Chinese programmers, on the contrary, have more responsibility and hard work, so we create fully customized applications for computers. It comes to the different services.

Services streaming music

In Europe, in addition to Apple Music, no more, no full-fledged program for listening to music. Spotify and Tidal is Electron-apps, and Google Play Music only exists inside the browser. Chinese streaming service, by contrast, operate directly on the computer without all sorts of heavy web technologies.

Platform for publishing and viewing videos

No YouTube, no Vimeo, no clients for macOS. All four major Chinese equivalent of have the quality of the video playback application on the computer. It is particularly painful to watch, considering how heavy, clumsy and uncomfortable was the web interface of YouTube.

Social networks and instant messengers

All major Chinese social networks offer their users a full desktop client and instant messengers. Of course, they support system-wide notifications to work faster and save resources. From Facebook and Twitter no full-fledged applications for Mac.

Applications to work

China’s largest postal service has developed a desktop mail client and app for taking notes. Google left only web interfaces for Notes and Gmail. Even Chinese dictionaries and those have their own full-fledged programs, and one of the most popular office suites Google Docs – no.

File storage

All companies involved in cloud storage, made in Europe or USA, for some reason I think that file is easier to control the brake via the web interface in the browser, and not on the computer. Dropbox, for example, offers a program to sync documents that works very badly. In China, together with services of cloud storage delivered a great file managers, created specifically for the macOS.

And that’s not all. Even utilities to track stocks in China are full-fledged applications for your computer. Because of laziness Western developers users have to suffer the inconvenience. No matter what anyone said, but the Electron or the web interface is not yet able to replace a program written by Swift. Perhaps the company ever come to their senses and begin to hire professional programmers to create decent applications.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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