Than to please yourself and your gadget for 2990 rubles

I do not want to give up my entire salary, or even semi-annual savings for another gadget? But since I want something new, shiny, glass or metal, or at least rubber and plastic. Having touched with their hands dozens of gadgets, together with a shop Big Geek we have compiled for you the top best gadgets and accessories price of 2990 rubles! And he said, why to buy in Russia is much cheaper than in China.

Fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and 1S

The last month of summer in full swing, and if to lose weight and failed, to start a new life Monday really want, you can help fitness trackers Xiaomi. Are inexpensive, the steps feel good, even heart rate show adequately. Tested to motivate these units are excellent. Start small: move more and in September and a gym membership you can take.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with a discount for 2990 rubles

But if the screen is not very necessary, it is possible to do checked Xiaomi Mi 1S Band Pulse, it is almost 2 times cheaper.

Buy Xiaomi Mi 1S Band Pulse in just 1649 rubles

Helmet virtual reality VR Box 2.0

If virtual reality is your dreams, but the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive’t afford, or just want a cheap to understand what is VR, then take these points. They are cheap, pretty high quality and work with almost any smartphone.

Take the phone, download and launch VR-app or movie, insert the smartphone into the helmet’s adjustable lenses, and voila – dive into the world of virtual reality. Toy? No doubt. Is it worth the emotions spent 990 rubles? Definitely!

Helmet virtual reality VR Box 2.0 for just 990 rubles.

Portable battery Xiaomi Power Bank

With the advent of games Pokemon GO all the newly remembered about portable batteries. But these kids are able to help out in the most unusual situations. Perhaps the most stylish, high-quality and reliable are Xiaomi Mi Power Bank. The device has a beautiful aluminum body, and everyone can choose the device to their liking and size. By the way, recently Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro with USB Type-C to the newest and trendiest smartphones.

Buy portable battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank at a discount from 990 rubles.

Bluetooth speaker + Power Bank 4400mAh Z6

If you are going with friends on the nature or on vacation, then this device is exactly what you need. Sound system Z6 has considerable number of advantages: all-aluminum, well made, sounds great, can charge your smartphone and costs just 1990r. For example, the price of the nearest competitor, JBL Charge is 3-5 times higher.

To purchase a Z6 with a discount for 1990 rubles.

Power Bank 2600mAh

If you happen to vaper, or planning to become one, then this device you will rate at 100%. It is very compact, and its most important advantage is the ability for several tens of seconds to replace the internal battery the battery of your WAP-device, and indeed any battery universal standard 1865. This is very useful when the smartphone was discharged, but urgently needed alive.

Buy Power Bank 2600mAh for only 290 rubles

Buy Power Bank 2600mAh complete with wire Lightning for just 490 rubles

Cable Safe&Speed Data Cable Lightning

IPhone users have long been resigned to the fact that Lightning cables for charging and syncing is a consumable. No matter, this is the original cord from Apple or a third-party product.

Comrades from Big Geek and have tried dozens of different options and eventually agreed that these cables — the Golden mean and the absolute winner by the ratio “Price/quality”. Thick rubber cord and aluminum connectors allow the wire to work for a long time, and given the varied color palette, everyone can find a version of the soul.

Buy Cable Safe&Speed Data Cable Lightning for 390 rubles.

Anticipating the comments in the spirit “On Ali is cheaper!”, here’s four reasons why you should buy in Big Geek:

  • Simple and clear guarantee on all products. If suddenly you find the defective device within 14 days of purchase Big Geek will replace it with a new one, and then, in case of breakdown: no problems will be fixed (after all, the Big Geek has its own service center) and it does not have anything to send anywhere – just come to the office, which is a five minute walk from the metro station “Bagrationovsky”.
  • Fast delivery or convenient pickup from the office in Moscow. You know the joke: “Ordered the case to Ali until the case has arrived – already sold the phone? Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon. And if you ordered an expensive item, there’s always a chance that the beloved “Mail of Russia” will bring you a box of bricks. Meanwhile, most goods in Big Geek you can pick up the day of the order or to arrange delivery to next day home or work.
  • Do not buy a “pig in a poke.” Any goods ordered in Big Geek, before buying you can see and check. No matter the point of shipment, or for courier services.
  • Big Geek you can always negotiate. They – the friendly store gadgets, and it’s not just words. If possible, always make a discount, rather about it just ask! And guys like subscribers of their groups in social networks, and always offer them special conditions of purchase. In addition, the online store solves all unusual situations.
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