That said Apple’s competitors about the first iPhone?

Ten years ago Steve jobs showed the world the iPhone. It was expensive, it did not have 3G, a physical keyboard and stylus. Said that Apple entered the market, where there is a cheap smartphone with a keyboard, but people’s tastes are changing too fast. Nobody believed in the success of the new Apple device.

What did critics and competitors of the company about the new product from Cupertino?

Steve Ballmer: “the iPhone has no chance of success”

In the past Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is very famously said about iPhone when it was first shown from the stage of MacWorld. He predicted the new smartphone is the role of a niche product that will never overtake the sales of Microsoft’s products.

iPhone never won something meaningful market share. No chance. This is a 500 dollar gadget sold under the contract. In the business segment, no one will buy a smartphone for $ 500 without a physical keyboard, when the market is cheap Motorola Q with Windows Mobile on Board.

In the third quarter of 2016 iPhone held 11.5% of the market, while Windows Phone only 0.4%.

Richard Prag: “I do not believe that anyone needs this phone”

Marketing Director of Microsoft, too, was not thrilled with the news.

I can’t even imagine who might want such a phone. First and foremost, a phone should be a phone. And what we have in iPhone: 5 hours from one battery, no physical keyboard. Remember this post and return to it after 2 years. I’m sure Apple won’t sell 10 million iPhones that jobs planned for 2008.

Indeed, Apple sold 10 million smartphones it sold more 11.

Nokia: “iPhone will not affect our vision”

Nokia was the largest handset maker in the world at the time of the iPhone release. Then the head of the company met a new Apple device with the hope of the development of the market.

I don’t think the Apple tablet will affect our strategy. However, the fact that Apple entered the mobile phone market, can stimulate. We just are happy to see such big players, it will have a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

In 2010, the role of the head of the mobile division of Nokia came Stephen Elop. He also told the team that they have failed and are unable to adapt to the market.

BlackBerry: “Just another competitor”

Former Vice President of BlackBerry Jim Balsille said that the iPhone will not affect the smartphone market.

This is just another player in a crowded market, where users already have a wide choice. If to speak about changes in the long term, then there is the iPhone overrated.

As you can see, not all competitors, the company became alarmed when the light came the iPhone, and not all want to adjust to the new rules of the game. In the end, everybody lost, except those who went for the Apple.

Tomorrow we will show the iPhone X. the Anniversary of Apple’s smartphone with edge-to-edge display, wireless charging and a 3D face scanner. With him at the presentation at Apple Park revamped Apple TV and Apple Watch third generation.

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