That’s why next year Apple will sell more iPhones than ever

Global sales of iPhone in 2015 may have changed users buy the same number of devices. Next year Apple has the opportunity to break the ice and bring the smartphone market to a new level.

Many Apple customers use smartphones a few years and not rush out a new model. According GBH Insights, in the next 12-18 months about 350 million iPhone owners buy a new model.

People will want to upgrade when Apple will release a smartphone with a new design, but at a more affordable price. This year, the American company will introduce three to four new models: the standard and the enhanced version the iPhone design X, the device with the usual size and same design but with LCD-display (budget iPhone) and perhaps a new version of the iPhone SE.

With such a choice of devices to users will have to choose between models, not between the fact, whether to buy a smartphone for $1000. Released last year iPhone 8 (Plus) is practically not changed compared to the predecessors, therefore, has not caused interest among current clients of Apple.

“[The new device] will help to capture the demand for upgrade among customers, who decided to skip last update, due to the prices and functions that might be interesting for owners of older iPhone models”.

Researchers believe that Apple is waiting for a huge breakthrough in China: in the country lives about 100 million iPhone owners and 60 to 70 million of them will face the need to upgrade to a new device in the next 12-18 months.

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