The Abandoned game, which ran shivers

Game: The Abandoned | 279 rubles | Universal application | Set

All these three games in a row, runners and monotonous shooters so sick of that already I want something new and unexplored. How about adventure horror game? We are, frankly, stuck in the new game in this genre called The Abandoned and must admit: this is what you need. And those who will read this review, will get a pleasant surprise!

Imagine you suddenly appeared in a zone full of dangers and mysteries. There was nothing around — no people, no shops, nowhere to even sleep. With me you have nothing: only what you can find — sticks, rocks, branches, and so on. No idea where you are and what can await at this location.

In this situation you have only two goals: to stay alive and find his way home. This will help the interesting story missions, but the primary one you will not do. In order to survive, must constantly gather supplies, hunt, build shelters. If found to expend resources wisely, eventually you will be able to get comfortable. But will not be confident that one day back will not be zombies.

At your disposal a variety of recipes with which you can create various objects — from the axe and picks up grenades, backpack, or even hats. No one will bring on a saucer. Want to build a fire? Retrieve the necessary items. And so it was not extinguished, throw in the new fire flammable materials.

If you find the courage and set off to explore the territory, get ready to meet zombies, many of which are not so easy to handle. In addition, you should avoid anomalous zones where you can get chemical damage and die.

One of the advantages of The Abandoned game from the first person, which makes it even more interesting. Particularly we recommend playing with headphones, so the feeling of fear and terror becomes even stronger. By the way, this is one of the chips of the game — world totally changes with nightfall. If the day can be somehow assimilated to fend off the zombies, at night you cannot remain unarmed in his hands, as the activity of creatures increases several times.

Largely the features of The Abandoned like a game Stalker is a mysterious anomaly (the aura around the houses with the hallucination of the impact zone, different effects). Character could easily go crazy, if not to keep its vital processes. It offers three cool game modes: story, adventure and survival — not to look for a way home, take quests, you have to survive as long as possible and settle as comfortable as possible.

The Abandoned combines unusual: large closed world, but at the same time, complete freedom of action. You want to eat? Be so kind to make a fire and roast the meat. Recuperate? Shake the Bush to get the berries.

However, old age area in the world you would not want, so finding your way home be sure. To be honest, we are all editors “stuck” in this game for a few days, because it is made really well. No pesky in-app purchases, you are completely left to themselves.

And for our readers, developers have provided a few promo codes for a free download of the game. Just put them in access it would be too easy, so you have to try: insert the asterisks or the letter or digit.


So feel free to download the game from the link below and experience the same emotions that we experienced. And most importantly — always be alert!

Title: The Abandoned
Publisher/developer: Gaijin Distribution
Price: 279 roubles
In-app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app

2 personLink: Set

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