The alcohol got under the screen of the iPhone. What to do?

Unfortunately, often there are situations when the iPhone screen is alcohol. This happens most often in two cases:
the smartphone can shed the alcohol, either as a result of poor cleaning with alcohol buttons smartphone.

The display module the first is found in the way of liquid. Alcohol can get between the layers of the display, and when enabled, can stain. Because of the multilayer structure to completely get rid of trapped inside of the module impossible.

The modern screen has five layers:

  • protective glass;
  • the anti-reflective layer;
  • touch screen;
  • the screen itself;
  • backlight.

The backlight of the screen of the iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 7 – how it works

Such an element as the backlight, is not so simple as it seems at first glance. By itself, the backlight layer consists of six layers. Three of them is a mirrored substrate, which can evenly diffuse the light and illuminate the image. Are these layers in the following order:

  • The first mirror layer.
  • The anti-glare layer.
  • Medium mirror layer.
  • A scattering layer of plastic.
  • The third mirror layer.
  • Frame led.
  • Despite the large number of elements, the backlight is placed in a thin metal frame, which is used as protection against mechanical influences.

    Each layer performs a specific function and only if the correct operation of all elements you will have to work the backlight.

    Under the screen of the iPhone is exposed to water. Why spots appear on the screen?

    When moisture in the inner layers appear on the screen visible spots. The reason for the appearance of spots in not a sealed connection layers in between. They are not glued together, so the liquid flows freely between the layers of the screen.

    If you try to disassemble the module screen in layers, it is possible to completely remove all trapped moisture, but after disassembly very often the backlight stops working. The reason is that all the layers have a rough surface. The touch surface is broken.

    Indiscriminately the liquid never fully evaporates from the screen, therefore the spot on the screen will remain forever.

    How to repair the screen after the water or alcohol?

    The repair options screen after hitting the alcohol under the screen left. To completely get rid of traces, it is only necessary to change completely the screen layer and carefully assemble everything in reverse order.

    The instructions provided by the service center “Screen Master” For users who read this article, an additional discount of 10%! Just say that you are from the site

    After the release of the iPhone 6s appeared and moisture protection in these smartphones. Unlike previous generations of the iPhone 6s was fully taped screen that made it completely airtight.

    However, sometimes moisture can get under the glass, especially if the iPhone is repeatedly exposed to mechanical stress. Or after the repair is not taped to the display case.

    In the repair of iPhone 6 and later models must be carefully glued to the screen module on the perimeter, to restore the full integrity of the display module. For quality repair, backlight replacement must be carried out in bespylevoj the camera is equipped with a hood.

    If the repair is made in handicraft conditions, the quality will vary significantly. Between the layers of the screen can get dust, which significantly distorts the image on the screen.

    The average for self-repair in 30% of displays have defects. In order to avoid them, you must contact the reliable shops with good reviews.

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