The American company has found a way to make sports owners Apple Watch

Insurance company John Hancock and the platform for measuring behavior of Vitality has released a new report, which affects more than 400 thousand people. The study showed that those who participated in the Vitality program Rewards Active, increased physical activity by 34%.

Focused on American users, although the study involved the residents of other countries. Owners of the Apple Watch, increased daily physical activity by nearly 31%. Lazier participants and people with high body mass index showed the most impressive increase in activity by 200%.

Such high rates became possible thanks to the Vitality program Rewards Active. Under this program, users are given the Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4 for the initial payment of $ 25. The remaining amount the customer pays gradually.

From credit this proposal differs in that users do not pay interest. But most interesting is that depending on the amount of work done exercise, reduces the size of a monthly payment. If in a month a person accumulates 500 points, he will not have to pay for the watch. Every month statistics are reset, so users interested in a lower payment, you should often exercise.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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