The American experts called for the abandonment Telegram and go to WhatsApp

The leading Western experts in the field of cryptography think that the Telegram messenger offers is not the most secure way of communication. According to them, the service of Pavel Durov does not match the advertised image of the brand is protected.

One of the experts, the main technologist of the American civil liberties Union, Christopher Soghoyan said that the Telegram, unlike WhatsApp does not encrypt messages by default, and only does it in secret chats. The expert is surprised that the positioning of the messenger as much more protected among peers does not interfere with the creators to ignore the fact that the need for encryption by default.

“Many users believe that their correspondence is initially protected, but encryption in Telegram still need to include. If it is not enabled by default, meaning there is no,” said Soghoyan.

Professor Alan Woodward, in turn, said that the messenger is using Protocol MTproto encryption, whose security is still questioned. Scientist from Johns Hopkins University Matthew green sure that the encryption Protocol Telegram just “invented”, because the algorithm is unknown, and the cryptography it is not open.

In the FAQ section of the official website of the Telegram indicates that it safer than WhatsApp, but the cryptography note that WhatsApp uses a sophisticated encryption Protocol that automatically provides protection for any call or messages.

“We know very little about him. Is it secure? And if not? The cryptographers reveal the secrets of their algorithms. About MTproto we don’t know anything,” said Woodward.

21 Jun 2016 influential American portal in the sphere of high technologies Tech Republic have included Telegram in the list of the five most promising startups with Russian roots. According to the publication, the messenger is the most famous Russian technological platform, which is used by over 100 million people.

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