The Americans checked, will save the pineapple iPhone 6s in the fall with a 30-meter-high [video]

All love the sweet pineapple, but what about their practical application? For example, as… protective case for the iPhone 6s?

American bloggers had an unusual crash test smartphone from Apple. The creators YouTube channel GizmoSlip decided to see if the pineapple to protect the device while falling from a great height. A tropical fruit, you can always buy at the closest grocery store and it is much cheaper in any case.

As the “subject” was taken by an iPhone 6s in the color “rose gold”. Experimenters cut the hole in the pineapple, put the phone and climbed to the roof of a multistory Parking garage where the fruit is dumped along with the contents.

After a fall from a height of 30 meters it turned out that the pineapple was smashed into many pieces, while the iPhone only cracked screen. The smartphone has remained in working condition.

A few days of unusual test the iPhone scored over a million views on YouTube. Channel owners are regularly experiencing gadgets for strength. From the roof of the same Parking lot they dropped the iPhone inside of the watermelon, diapers filled with baby food, and burritos, set fire and threw him in a makeshift pool. On the channel the destroyers iPhone signed by 1.9 million people.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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