The Americans have calculated how much need to work the resident of Moscow, Kiev and new York to buy iPhone

The New York Times has calculated how fast the inhabitants of Moscow, Kiev and new York to make on the iPhone. The study showed that life in the Russian capital is much cheaper than in new York, but Muscovites and pay several times less.

According to analysts, more than anyone for buying the iPhone will have to work to inhabitants of the capital of Ukraine – 627 hours (approximately two and a half months). To Muscovites it will have to work without interruption for 158 hours. The inhabitants of new York, which, as we know, never sleeps enough to defer earnings daily (24 hours), to become an owner of the flagship Apple.

The average Moscow worker, according to UBS, the issue at hand is five times less than the new Yorker. The average salary of the Moscow Builder analysts estimates at $595 per month, nurses $649, school teachers — $948, bus driver — $1115, Bank clerk — $1165. For comparison, in new York, the average teacher, according to UBS gets $4460 per month, and in Kiev — $142.

Of course, Russians and Ukrainians, devaluation of the national currency and, accordingly, their salaries in dollar terms. In early 2016, the average salary in Moscow, Headhunter is estimated to be about 59 900 rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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