The annual YouTube Rewind, dedicated to 2018, has collected more than 11 million dislikes allowed

Every December, YouTube creates a short video about the major events of the year. New video on 2018, appeared on 6 of December and in just a week he has gathered more than 11 million dislikes allowed .

The video was published on YouTube on 6 December 2018. A little more than a week, the video attracted more than 11 million dislikes allowed, making it the most disastrous episode YouTube Rewind for his entire eight-year history and one of the Champions for the number of dislikes allowed for the first week download.

Every year, YouTube Rewind includes the most notable events and trends in society that were current in the past year. In the commercials you can often spot celebrities and popular bloggers. So, in 2018, in the creation of the video involved actor will Smith, blogger PewDiePie and brothers Jake and Logan Paul. Among the witnesses – feminism, K-pop (popular music genre in South Korea), blogs about cooking, the world Cup and Kiki flash mob in which people perform funny dance, filmed from a moving car.

14 Dec 2018 video YouTube Rewind 2018 was recognized as the record for the number of dislikes allowed: at the moment it has collected more fingers down than any other video platform.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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