The app “Articulation”: how to make your voice even better

Those who hold a clear, crisp and beautiful it attracted the attention of the people at all times. No one wants to hear crumpled, disorganized speech, which is jarring. For a successful speaker, it is unacceptable. And not just the speaker. Good diction will come in handy when applying for a job, communicating with colleagues, friends, singer or actor.

As with any art, there are no trifles, and in oratory too. Articulation helps to achieve a correct and clear pronunciation of each consonant and vowel individually. It depends on how your listeners will understand and accept what you say, and how they will treat your submission of information.

To achieve excellent results, you need to work on improving the speech apparatus, to develop its capabilities. You must understand that the oral cavity is an important resonator, which depends on the quality of the sound. To the articulating apparatus worked naturally and actively, to get rid of the various clips, and to stimulate the various muscles and organs. To do this, the application provides a variety of exercises, tongue twisters and difficult to pronounce words.

Exercises to improve speech

As our body and exercise helps to be flexible and strong, exercises for articulation help to relieve tension and strengthen the vocal apparatus. Special exercises prepares the organs of speech working right, and regular exercise contributes to the development of good diction and improve pronunciation of sounds. Just a few minutes felt a burning sensation in the facial muscles, and this is just the warm up!

Tongue twisters

Learning how to speak beautifully? – Develop it with tongue twisters! Unpronounceable tongue twisters instantly make it clearer and more beautiful. We can be certain of, listening to speakers on radio and TV presenters. After all, before their performances, they are like sculptors hone their speech with tongue twisters. That is why their speech is so clear, clear and beautiful!

Difficult words

Unpronounceable words will be useful to consider after the exercises and tongue twisters, because when reading aloud, or voicing their may be tension and uncertainty. To avoid this, it is necessary to clearly pronounce these words. After a time you will feel that difficult words become the most common.

Speaking clearly and distinctly, you will have to be determined, and this in turn will result in respect from others. In addition, thanks to the beautiful speech, you will forever remain in the memory of the people pleasant and a good conversationalist.

The app “Articulation” can be downloaded from the App Store for 15 rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! I’m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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