The App store twice ahead of Google Play for developers-millionaires

A million dollars on apps in 2016, earned the American branch of the App Store 66 publishers. This is almost twice more than in the online store Google Play, where they were 39.

According to analyst firm Sensor Tower, last year in the us App Store milestone of one million dollars of income overcame 66 of developers against 34 a year earlier. The figure for Google Play ā€” the 39 companies is 1.7 times less. A year earlier, the Android application had 14 “millionaires.”

The gap between the stores compared to the year 2015 dropped ā€” then it was 2.4 times. 75% of publishers millionaires for Android play games. In the App Store of only 47%. According to analysts, the study did not take into account the income from advertising only in-app purchase.

Observers noted the positive trend in the monetization of Google Play, which, however, is not enough to overtake the App Store in the US and around the world, despite a broader base of users and number of app downloads.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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