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Every day we seek the services of a company, whether it be lunch at a nearby coffee shop, oil change service station or the removal of a tooth in dentistry. But how do you know where lunch tastes better, oil better, and more experienced doctors? This is a problem I face constantly, as even proven areas often deteriorate, and have to look for something new. The solution was found in the App Store in the application Flamp.

Personal experience of using Flame was quite interesting. In fact, in this app you can find any company in the city — from restaurants and bars to cinemas, beauty salons and even a HUNDRED. Sort institutions according to the ratings and reviews, put the criteria, looked at the address and list of services and if you are satisfied associated with the selected company.

I often travel to Moscow, and the desire to eat sometimes finds in the most unexpected places. So I decided to test Flamp in combat is to find the nearest cafe with a business lunch. It chose, entered a search string “business lunch” and exposed filters: no cash, so that the required calculation for the map to be revealed at the present time (and then have to go home for dinner), and of feedback, of course.

Flamp immediately showed the results of the institutions that match my criteria. Literally on the third place was a restaurant with a 5.0 rating, positive reviews, and even Armenian/Georgian cuisine for a business lunch, it is very few people indifferent. Only 4 kilometers — ordered Uber and in 5 minutes was in place.

After a couple of days decided to visit the Barber, but here did not choose the closest, and set the filter by rating. With the hairstyle to go for almost a month, and I feel that the master was experienced. Chose the beauty of Black & White — a lot of good reviews, close to home and nice pricing.

The phone found in the app Flamp, but it was possible to write in the chat to clarify, for example, the cost of shaving, there are the opportunity. Special attention deserves the “favorites” section: added the vending company and subscribed to the reviews about her here on the weekends I want to go to “Coyote Ugly” if the wife will go.

Pleasantly pleased with the opportunity to find and communicate with right from the search) with the company in any sphere — the beauty (beauty salons, beauty, automobile, food, health (medical practices, dentistry and entertainment. Soon so will have to do inspection of the car — decided not to go anywhere usually, and choose the SRT on ratings of reviews in Flame. The benefit base remains relevant, as it works on the API map 2GIS directory.

Because it works Flamp 91 city of Russia, you will be able to use it in travel, where to find a trusted place especially important. Remember got to Penza, where fine dining is not known, the city is new and unfamiliar.

Another plus of the application is that it is distributed absolutely free and has no in-app purchases. Try it yourself, I personally removed a new app for hotels, bars and beauty salons, and now use a single — Planom.

Name: Flamp
Publisher/developer: LLC “DoubleGIS”
Price: Free
In app purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPhone
Link: Set

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