The Apple Watch fell sharply in anticipation of the release of the Apple Watch 2

It is believed that the reduction in the cost of Apple products speaks of proximity to market new models. According to rumors, in September of this year, the company plans to introduce a new generation of proprietary “smart” watches, and news about the price drop on the Apple Watch really suggest the upcoming announcement.

American stores specializing in the sale of electronics, have lowered the cost of Apple Watch for $50. Retailer Best Buy is one of the first proposed electronic device with a good discount. Currently, the modification of the hours with 38mm now estimated at only $199, while the model with a wider case is worth $270.

In connection with such attractive price reduction it is worth remembering the recent rumors that the new Apple Watch can be presented at the beginning of the following month along with the iPhone 7. Perhaps the inventory of devices sellers begin to sell in advance.

Latest quarterly report Apple data on the dynamics of sales of “smart” watches under the brand are not disclosed, but the company talked about the “record high demand for this device. Unlikely sale the American shopping network staged due to low demand.

Experts believe that users should not write off the possibility of the debut of the Apple Watch 2 next month ā€“ to the presentation of new Apple products is two weeks.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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