The authorities decided to limit the communication of the Russians in the messengers

Roskomnadzor is going to work out common rules of the mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. With this proposal, in particular made by the head of Department Alexander Zharov in the framework of the International safe Internet forum. Today became known the details of the bill, according to which in Russia in the near future can produce significant changes in mobile applications and services.

According to the authorities, services for messaging and video calls, you must submit to the same rules, which are the operators. “The principle of action on top of the infrastructure operators makes you wonder about the distinction between regulation operators and duplicating their services mobile services”, ā€” emphasized in Roskomnadzor.

The authors of the bill intend to amend the laws “On information” and “On communication” in order to limit free communication by messengers. The main innovation offered by officials, to secure the account in the messenger to telecommunication carriers.

The authors of the bill propose to do so, to the developers of such services can work in Russia only under the contract with the operators and get them to notify their work to Roskomnadzor. If the service violates the law, rules of rendering of communication services or the contract with the operator, the latter shall block the traffic pass it, while the messenger does not improve.

Currently, the messengers are in the so-called “grey area”, because the operators if necessary can see the correspondence of the users via SMS, however, what users write programs for messaging, remains their private information.

The most popular Russian instant messengers, WhatsApp and Viber, provide end-to-end data encryption. Other popular services for communication in Russian ā€“ Skype, Google Hangouts, agent, ICQ and Telegram.

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