The average speed of Internet in Russia has reached 12,1 Mbit/s

Research company Akamai Technologies has published the results of testing the speed of Internet access in different countries over the past quarter. The average speed of Internet connections in the world amounted to 6.3 Mbit/s, which is 12% higher than the previous quarter. In annual terms, the growth amounted to 23%.

According to the study, the fastest Internet in South Korea: the average speed of the Network connection in this country has reached 29 Mbps on the second place On this indicator, Norway is 21.3 Mbps (+68%), the third ā€“ Sweden ā€“ 20,6 Mbps Followed by Hong Kong (to 19.9 Mbps) and Switzerland (18,7 Mbps).

In Russia the average speed of Internet access grew by 29% compared to the previous year and amounted to 12.2 Mbps (peak ā€” 63,8 MB/s (+20%). In the ranking of our country is on the 35th place, ahead of such countries as France, Italy and Greece.

The maximum average speed mobile Internet access recorded in the UK and 27.9 Mbps, the minimum in Algeria (2,2 Mbit/s). The maximum peak rate was observed in Germany (171,6 MB/s).

In the report, Akamai noted that the company allocated in a separate block statistics about devices that use IPv6. So, in Belgium, they account for 36% of the traffic. This is a record figure.

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Clifton Nichols

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