The best accessory for your AirPods

Last year Apple released branded headphones wireless AirPods. Despite very compact size, the device combines a set of complex technologies and components.

AirPods have many advantages, including high quality audio, comfortable form and a long battery life. But the headset has one drawback ā€” it is too compact, so the user runs the risk of losing them. App Find My AirPods helps to find the headphones on the couch or in the bag, but unlikely to be useful at the scale of the apartment or house. In addition, if the family is not one pair of headphones, they can be easily confused.

One user suggested a solution ā€” the keychain for the AirPods from the Lunies. Charger case earphones placed in a durable leather case, and a carabiner allows you to attach them anywhere: keys, purse, pants etc.

The accessory has all the necessary holes, including the bottom side to charge the case battery.

With this case to use AirPods much easier. When you attach a keychain to your keys or bag, you can be sure that the headphones are always at hand and not lost.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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