The best deals on Xiaomi with a great discounts. Time is limited

The late spring sale time. Now you can find the interesting offers, of course, if hurry. Today, the focus is a popular online store TomTop. Here you can find great deals with coupons for discounts.

The main proposals ā€” the products of Xiaomi. Not smartphones, but the excellent gadgets: Chinese designer Mitu Builder DIY, DVR DVR Yi, drone, Drone 4K Mi, the battery pack Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2.

1. Xiaomi Mitu Builder DIY ā€” Chinese competitor of LEGO

It seems that Xiaomi is releasing almost everything. Now the company introduced its own version of LEGO. Unlike the usual Chinese sets, Mitu DIY Builder not a copy, but a private development with many custom solutions.

Set includes 978 details done in soothing and pleasing colors. Most of the detail ā€” copy of the LEGO LEGO Creator. The kit includes many mechanical elements including fasteners, gears, bridges, wheels.

At Mitu DIY Builder easy control from your smartphone, intuitive programming process, standard interfaces. This set is easier for a beginner and it is worth to get acquainted with robotics.

Price with coupon : $89,99 + free shipping
Coupon code : HXFMB10 (discount $10)


2. The Xiaomi Yi Smart DVR Dash Camera

Smart DVR that has no analogues on the optimal ratio of cost and performance. 2.7 inch screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9, four buttons for easy management and preview. The UHD resolution 1296p has a higher pixel density, which is 44% higher than the 1080p resolution that provides a clear image.

Price with coupon : $of 47.99 + free shipping
Coupon not required, you need to choose “China Stock” when buying


3. External battery pack Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2

External battery 10,000 mAh, made in the usual Xiaomi style. Made of anodized aluminum, and the ends to cover the plastic lining. In practice, perfect form, it seems that the battery takes up less space in the bag, they are more comfortable to carry in pants pockets or jackets. But if you put the smartphone, the design will is noticeably sleeker.

Of course, for powerbank with a capacity of 10,000 mAh, the company could install two USB, but based on the selected layout elements and size it was obviously problematic.

Price with coupon: $17,99 + free shipping
Coupon code: HXFMIPB17 ($17)


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