The best presentation of Apple in its history

Now, seemingly everyone know that today will be a presentation of the new MacBook is so much talking about it. But now not about it. Let’s remember the most interesting and caused a standing ovation moments of the last presentations for 40 years of existence Apple.

Apple I (1976)

The first presentation of the Apple with an eye to current options difficult to call it a presentation. Rather it was the performance of the product assembled, which was not very much. The show was held in April 1976 at one of the meetings of the “club of self-made computers” in Palo Alto, California.

But despite the fact that the presentation was not spectacular, with lots of novelties and surprises, but its importance for the future of the company cannot be overstated. The computer itself has developed one jobs and his namesake, Steve Wozniak, future Apple CEO convinced modest and shy friend to speak and tell about his invention. It was then that the world learned of Steve jobs as a speaker, who can only his inherent passion and conviction to tell you about something that he sells. It is true then his speech was just interested in Paul Terrell, owner of the newly opened electronics store, which jobs are not only persuaded to buy 50 Apple I for $ 500 apiece, but cosign on the loan for the purchase of components for production. It was the beginning of a long and thorny path of the company.

Macintosh (1984)

January 24, 1984 the young and the restless Steve jobs came on stage and introduced the world to a “grey box” that was fantastic for its time. Yes, it only had 64 KB of RAM and a display with a resolution of 256 x 256 pixels, but this was the first computer with a graphical interface instead of the standard command line interface. Although it would be correct to say that he was not the first, and most popular and massively entered the market. Before that there was such a device, and indeed the first of them can be considered as the Xerox Star. But it is the “magic of Apple” and the ability of Steve jobs did the trick and the computer took a deserved place in the history of the company’s products.

The presentation itself was already more similar to the modern options. Steve came on stage and began to talk about the new, periodically calling her or her capabilities “fantastic” and “incredible”, and then, taking one hand out of the bag the computer, showed it to the public. The computer, in turn, welcomed all the participants by displaying the words “Hello I’m Macintosh” and speaking the phrase the computer voice, which aroused considerable interest and surprise from the assembled public. Even more surprising was the images that began flickering on the screen, showing the basic capabilities of the product. Then it became clear that the computer world will never be the same.

iMac G3 (1998)

Much water has flowed since the time of the presentation of the acclaimed Macintosh. During this time, and Steve jobs had to leave his post, and Apple was named the most poorly-managed company in history, but it’s time for a change. May 6, 1998, returned a year earlier Steve jobs from the stage of the Flint Center in Cupertino is a new computer, which once again produces, if not revolution, then at least greatly surprised the crowd.

New impressed not only by the characteristics but also appearance. She stood out against the background of a soulless grey computer boxes that time. Initially, the novelty was presented only in one color but later added a few colors, emphasizing the individuality of customers.

And here again, as fourteen years ago, computer all welcomed, but did it rather peculiar. In his greeting he did not confine in a word, and said, “Hello (again)” that made it clear that he is no less a revolution than at the time Macintosh.

During the presentation, Steve jobs told us a lot about the new product. We should note some of his expressions, as, for example, that “iMac rear look better than the computers of competitors in front.” He also explained the meaning of the letter “i” in the model name, namely that it is the first letter of words that embodies this model:

  • internet
  • individual (Personality)
  • instruct (to Teach)
  • inform (Inform)
  • inspire (Inspire)

Among the technical features of the computer you may notice incredible at the time a 15-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels, 233-MHz processor, 32 MB RAM, hard disk of 4 GB and slide out the drive. But was the new product and another interesting detail. It lacked many of the ports, which are then all used to, but it was two USB ports.

In the late nineties it was possible to count just a few devices that can work through USB and not all of them were of quality and reliability, but Apple made the right move and once again showed that she doesn’t follow trends but creates them. And the situation with the deprivation of computer, familiar to all ports is very similar to what happens now when a twelve-inch MacBook was released with a sole USB Type-C and iPhone 7 lost my audio connection.

iPod (2001)

In 2001, Apple turned the portable music industry. Not to say that it was not the players but the company as always was able to do everything in his beautiful style and offer the buyer what he wants and what he needs.

The new product is called iPod. The word “Pod” in English means “capsule, escape pod,” and the character “i” is well known and explained with the presentation of the iMac G3.

Specially for the presentation, Steve came up with the slogan, very well characterize the release: “1000 songs in your pocket” (1000 songs in your pocket). And her appearance was again decorated with the greeting, “Say hello to iPod”. At the time of the presentation he just went on stage with empty hands and began his story, and then, like magic, in his hands appeared the midget for the time player, which he took from his pocket. Later the player received a lot of modifications, which were different sizes, touch-sensitive keys, and even a version with a touch screen, but the iPod classic has forever changed the music industry and the habits of users.

The first version of the player was completed with the built-in memory from 5 to 10 gigabytes, supported WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC and could boast of 12 hours of continuous operation. And all these opportunities were available when the device size is 100 × 62 × 18 mm and weight is 184 grams.

Unfortunately, the player has virtually no future as it was taken on iPhone. A pity, because in his time he has made a significant contribution to the rise of the company after the collapse in the early nineties.

iMac G4 (2002)

It would seem, than still to surprise the audience after the iMac G3… But you can! So Steve jobs did, January 7, 2002 presenting from the stage of the Moscone Center in San Francisco for a new candy company. The model looked more like a Desk lamp than a computer, but it is in any case not a minus, only plus models, relative stagnation in the design of the time. That looks computer even by today’s standards is quite interesting and unusual, something resembling an iPad on a stand.

Computer, like the iPod, has made a significant contribution to the rise of the company after its long decline in the early nineties, once again surprising people by calling them willing to shell out for the novelty and showing the world that Apple is willing and able to create fantastic products. Of course, the presentation took place in the workplace. He talked a lot about the product, showed the mechanism, which was suspended from the screen, but the audience, even this was not important. In the end, none of them have seen anything like this before. For comparison, a good computer at that time looked quite different, and compared to the iMac G4 resembled some prehistoric monster from a parallel universe. But Apple, as always, his style showed the world how to make a nice and stylish device.

Inside the Apple iMac G4 was installed a processor with a clock frequency of 700 MHz, which included a special element for processing vector graphics — AltiVec Velocity Enging. “The kid,” also was installed a discrete graphics card GeForce NVIDIA 2 MX with 32 MB VRAM, 1 GB of RAM and hard disk capacity from 40 to 160 GB.

iPhone (2007)

And again “Hello”, and again “Hello”. Another product that created a niche in the market, there is a greeting.

Again you can say that was the touch phones and the iPhone, but if not presented in 2007 new, it is possible that we would still be “tinkering” with the stylus to the screens of their devices. You can argue this statement, they say, now it all comes back to the stylus (Samsung Note, Apple Pencil), but agree that it’s different. At our disposal gorgeous multi touch displays, which in turn sometimes can be used with a stylus, and it is more empowering than a return to the roots.

From the beginning of the presentation Steve jobs said that the speech that day will go to about phone, and immediately joked, showing how it will look, what made the audience smile.

After enough successful jokes he began to prepare the assembled audience directly to the show the new items. First, he said that the buttons on the phone it’s not bad, and they severely limit the ability of developers as “developers will not be able to run for a user to change button before using each application”. After that jobs started to talk about the convenience of the interface without buttons and on the screen behind him appeared the very first iPhone. “Is it a stylus” he said, but immediately he gave a negative answer, indicating that we have and so the birth is “ten styluses”, which is much easier than a plastic one that can be lost.

After these words the head of Apple started showing how to use the phone. He showed the entire menu, ordered coffee, and sent an email — all with one little device and a few taps. This could not previously created smartphones and PDAs. Naturally, this provided the green light to the phone and his followers, who still appear and be called the media “iPhone killers”.

iPad (2010)

January 27, 2010 in San Francisco, Steve jobs presented the new product. This time it was the iPad.

At the presentation, jobs touted the tablet, saying that it is much more enjoyable than a laptop and more convenient than a smartphone for Internet, music, video, photo and e-mail. Someone took the novelty skeptical, but many analysts agreed that the device is indeed a harbinger-PC era and represents a new approach to working with data and information, and competitors hastily began to offer their solutions.

Many remembered that seven years before this, Microsoft has already shown such a device, but Apple, as always, was able to offer his solution and to convince users all over the world in its necessity.

Apple Watch (2014)

Apple Watch can be called the only truly new device, released after the death of Steve jobs. The novelty is in the spirit of modern Apple got rid of the prefix “i” and got in their name the name of the company from Cupertino. There were many rumors and speculation, when and in what form will appear to watch, but there was no doubt that they will be exactly. And here September 9, 2014 Tim cook at the end of the presentation of the other devices came on stage and said “One more thing”, after which the audience burst into applause and would not let him continue for several minutes. The phrase was historic, and many of its know at the time Steve jobs so casually, was the world and the first MacBook, and some iPod models, and various software products. Watch now. The watch itself was presented in three housing variants, as well as had the ability to quickly install any strap, which was not the competitors, who had to produce their watches, ahead of Apple.

The market has been waiting for this gadget. Why are only introduced in a hurry in the Wake of rumors very “raw” version of smart watches from other manufacturers that are fine-tuned and got the second generation after the release of the Apple Watch themselves. Many users said that the hours they are not needed, it’s just a toy, but nevertheless a lot of people bought and still use. In any case, such a device from Apple, and there it was.


Of course, there were many other highlights from the presentation of Apple, but ahead of “Hello again” we remembered those who gave us a truly new device. And we really hope that Apple can still surprise and prepares us something really interesting. Even if it is something that may not be necessary for our purposes and tasks, but still want to see a small miracle and a sign of the event, just us and his promises.

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