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Hello to all lovers of poshopitsya! How many loyalty cards in your wallet? Sure a lot, and this plastic probably already nauseated. For the same reason many people do not carry loyalty cards, and think of them only in the store, when you have nowhere to go. It turned out, this problem is solved, and you will need only your iPhone. Well, the special application.

Using the application CardParking you can get free discount cards and store them directly on your smartphone to conveniently use the card at first request. Benefit partners the service has plenty of from a network of bars and Good Beer Bar “Raisins. Teahouse” to a network of shops of perfumery and cosmetics “Ile de beaute” and shopping at Outlet Village Belaya Dacha.

Keep in CardParking not only those discount cards you received in the application, but also own ā€” for several years many people probably managed to get a packet. The application provides more than 300 national retail chains and stores worldwide, so your card here. To add just enter your loyalty card number, then it will appear in the relevant section.

One of the main chip applications ā€” regular exclusive promotions that users CardParking cards become available with increased size of the discount, gifts from major brands and much more. So, for example, now in the app accesses maps “Ile de beaute” with 20% discount is totally free. If you receive such a card directly in the store, be prepared to first spend at least 30 thousand rubles.

The obvious advantage CardParking ā€” the need to carry around a bunch of “plastic” disappears by itself. Oh and it’s a great way to once again save with a free discount card favorite store, especially the list of partners will grow.

In order to use their discount card, just run the app in the store and show the electronic card at the checkout. All the discount is yours! In the section “Shopping” show all transactions that you make using your card. A nice bonus, news from brands and addresses of shops nearby.

The app is available for iPhone CardParking absolutely free, download it following the link below. Save wisely and favorable shopping!

Title: Discount cards + bonuses
Publisher/developer: WishFish Technologies S. a r.l
Price: Free
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPhone
Link: Set

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