The “big three” operators accused of consumer fraud

Organization “Public consumer initiative” based on the analysis over the last 5 years was rated “bad faith” of the Russian mobile operators. The study was based on violations of the cellular providers associated with consumer fraud: the introduction of misleading them and giving false information about tariffs and services.

Objects that drew a closer look public men are the largest mobile operators – MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Tele2, Yota.

The “winner” rating was the operator who committed the greatest number of violations (9). “Beeline” with 7 violations and a Megaphone with 6 violations took second and third places respectively. The operators Tele2 and Yota cases of consumer fraud has not yet been identified.

Most often, the operators cheating customers used the proverbial fine print or concealed some important points of service provision noted in the public organizations. But even regular monitoring and punishment from the FAS do not stop operators.

“The main objective pursued by OPIE is to teach consumers to understand the above unscrupulous operators, to protect them from fraud, to prevent unexpected expenses in difficult economic conditions. OPIE also hopes to attract the attention of legislators to the problem. It is obvious that penalties for such violations shall fold increase for each subsequent offense, or their size should be tied to the turnover of the company. Otherwise, the fraud will continue and the penalties will simply be laid in the budget next advertising campaign.”

In the IRS believe that given the possibility of number portability from one operator to another, the wide publicity of unfair practices will help to reduce the number of violations and protect consumers.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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