The box Chromecast can now be controlled with iOS or Android

Google confirmed that users can now control the box Chromecast with Google Assistant using Android or iOS device.

The box Chromecast is a device that allows you to stream content via the TV by connecting it to the HDMI port. So simple. Earlier the user only with the help of Google Assistant in the “smart” column of the Home were able to manage their set-top box. If you had, for example, include a movie on Chromecast, a user had to say about this column via Google Home Assistant. In this case, the Chromecast would have started the film.

Now there is no need to buy a Home column to control the Chromecast through the Google Assistant. All that is needed — voice assistant running on a smartphone with Android or iOS.

Now, these inconveniences will disappear. For example, you can select a song or video you want to broadcast. Next, specify the device for playback (Chromecast Audio, TV, built-in speakers). Using Assistant, you can control the volume, skip a song, pause and resume, or stop streaming.

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