The buyer defective iPhone 6 in Nizhny Novgorod sued the operator 127 000

Borsky city court in Nizhny Novgorod considered the case on the protection of the rights of the buyer of the iPhone. A resident of the city appealed to the court in connection with the fact that the seller refused to refund the money for the purchase of the defective Apple smartphone. It is reported by local resource Nn.

Nizhegorodets in August last year bought operator of faulty iPhone 6 for which he paid 45 990 rubles. After the acquisition it became clear that the phone does not see SIM card. First, the buyer demanded the store to get the money back and the seller offered to send the phone to the examination. The experts also confirmed that the shortage has occurred during the production. But the store was in no hurry to return the money, so he was forced to go to court.

Borsky city court ruled to cancel the contract of sale and ordered the salon to return to the buyer 45 990 rubles, a penalty in the amount of 38 000 rubles, compensation of moral harm – 1000 rubles, and to pay a fine in the amount of 42 495 rubles. A total of 127 485 rubles.

It should be noted that this is not the first case of the return of the defective iPhone to the seller through the courts. Before it became known that the inhabitant of Perm has filed a lawsuit against Euroset after learned that bought iPhone 5s in one of the stores of the retailer are already used. However, the retail chain denied this fact, then the customer was forced to go to court. City court Perm sided with the plaintiff and sought to “Euroset” almost 88 500 rubles compensation.

In January 2014 years ago the inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk has seized “Coherent” 90 000 rubles for a defective iPhone 4s. In March of the same year, the court decided “Euroset” to pay 95 000 rubles to the resident of Volgograd, who bought a broken iPhone 4s. In November, the court sought more than 147 000 roubles, an unscrupulous seller of the iPhone in favor of the buyer. At the end of 2015, the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg has managed to sue the money for the Apple iPhone 6, which three months later started hanging out and off.

In all cases, the court decided to terminate the contract of sale and recover from retailers in favor of the plaintiffs the amount spent on purchase of phones, as well as a penalty, compensation of moral harm, the penalty, the cost of examination and payment of legal services.

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