The communication quality of the iPhone in Russia will improve

It seems that in the near future the majority of iPhone users will be able to enjoy a truly high-quality communication when talking with your favorite smartphone. A few days ago the Minister of communications of the Russian Federation signed a decree according to which Russian operators will be able to use LTE networks for voice communications and implement the VoLTE service, including the iPhone.

Making calls using the technology of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is available on iPhone 6 and newer models. It improves the quality of communication, clarity of speech and to extend the battery life of your smartphone, write “Vedomosti”. However, to make such a call requires that both devices support VoLTE.

This mode is activated in the “Cellular” settings iPhone. You must open the section “Enable LTE” where to choose “Voice and data”. In Russia while VoLTE does not work, but if the operators podsuetitsja, high quality communication can be expected next year.

This will benefit not only subscribers, but also mobile operators that will be able to reduce costs for the construction of new BS, but also relieve the existing stations. The communication cost for end users is not affected.

Now it is small — it is necessary that the operators in conjunction with Apple certified iPhone to work in the Russian networks LTE.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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