The company Exodus will pay hackers $500 000 for iOS vulnerability – several times more than Apple offers

An independent company has offered for hacking the operating system iOS in several times more money than Apple.

Unlike some other IT companies from Apple until now did not have the program to reward the user who discovered the vulnerability in Apple’s. Last week, the company announced that it is now within the Security Bounty program, will pay up to $200 000 for the discovery of serious vulnerabilities and bugs in their SOFTWARE.

However, the private firm Exodus Intelligence has offered hackers a lot more: up to $500 000 for hacking iOS versions 9.3 and higher. The size of payments will depend on the type of error, clarity of the description, likelihood of exploitation, the number of affected users, etc.

In addition to the iPhone and iPad, the company is ready to pay hackers for vulnerabilities in browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft and Firefox Edge ($150 000, $125 000 and $80 000 respectively). Also hackers will pay for security vulnerabilities in Windows 10 ($75 000), Adobe Reader ($60 000) and Adobe Flash ($60 000).

Note that this is not the first case when private companies are willing to buy expolicy threat from hackers and computer experts. Last year, security firm Zerodium promised to pay millions of dollars for exclusive untethered iOS 9.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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