The concept of a home robot Apple iRis in the style of the iMac G4 [video]

Over the 90 years that have passed since Karel Capek introduced the international vocabulary the word “robot”, assigned to the robots hopes have been fulfilled only partially. The world is still I saw crowds of well educated and ironic machines with artificial intelligence — at least like C-3PO from “Star wars”. But robotics is not standing still. And German designers Curved from the project have decided that it is time for them to occupy and home space. One such robot assistants should be Apple iRis.

According to the authors of the concept, Apple, iRis will be a great help for smart homes. The device is able to distinguish a large number of individuals to maintain close friendly relations with the “masters” and highlight their loved ones. He is able to move freely around the house, avoiding obstacles, to connect to the Internet and download necessary updates.

Based on robot technology involves voice assistant Siri, and the device is made in the style of the iMac G4. The front part of the friendly Android is based on the area in which is a rubber ball. It rotates in all directions according to the principle of ball mice and allows the iRis to move like drone BB-8 from Star wars. The signal from the camera can be transferred to the iPhone owner.

iRis is equipped with two speakers, the Beats, the laser pointer to entertain the cat and the vacuum cleaner is able to suck the dust from the rugs, clean baseboards, and floor areas under furniture. The dust is extracted from the back of the device.

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