The coolest way to listen to music on your Mac

Mac users like to listen to music. No matter, Spotify, Apple Music or using audio recordings of Vkontakte (AI-Yai-Yai). Most often for playback using iTunes, however, many do not hesitate to install third-party players. But did you know that listening to music on a Mac in another way?

To listen your favorite tracks on a Mac, just open Spotlight search, type the name of the song and press the Play button right in the search window. The player will start playback of the track without launching any apps for playing.

It is noteworthy that in this way, you can listen to all the tracks that are stored on your computer. For access to all tracks at once is enough to enter in the search box the file type .mp3 (or other, depending on how you store music).

If you want to listen to a track in iTunes, press Enter while playing the song will open in its corresponding application. Unfortunately, this method does not work with songs from the Apple Music and other streaming services, because they are not stored on the computer.

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