The copyright holders figured out how to defeat piracy in Russia

The Ministry of culture intends to tighten anti-piracy legislation. Pirate want for from deletion of links in search engines and social networks to advertising bans and the blocking of payments.

The copyright holders figured out how to defeat piracy in Russia

As reports “Gazeta”, as one of the most effective tools for rights holders suggested that a ban on advertising on the site, blocked by a court decision, with accountability for advertisers. Today, sites are deemed pirated and blocked forever, continue to attract users who use tools to bypass the lock, and earn advertising, noted in the Ministry of culture.

Advertising is the economic basis of the existence of illegal resources, the main source of their income. Therefore, some countries have already implemented a system of cutting off the pirates from this source. For example, in the UK for this in 2014, we created a special list of sites-infringers Infringing Website List (IWL). It is a special police division for intellectual property, in order he was guided by the organizations that advertise.

Another suggestion that will help to separate the pirates from their income — ban on carrying out payments in favor of individuals or legal entities related to the spread of unlicensed content. Similar standards now being developed by the European Commission to all countries — participants of EU. These rules will prevent the pirates getting any income from advertising and other payments.

The copyright holders figured out how to defeat piracy in Russia

These norms, according to the authors of proposals should relate to the payment of all modern methods: SMS, banking cards (Visa, MasterCard), payment systems (PayPal, Yandex.Money” and others).

“We can’t comment on a specific document as it saw him. However, I note that the MasterCard rules provide for the monitoring of such illegal actions and infringements, including copyrights, in our view, additional legislative regulation is not required”, — have informed in a press-service payment system.

New anti-piracy amendments to the legislation can enter into force in January 2017, the notification of the Ministry of culture on

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