The court rejected the claim of Apple to the Russian customs about the leather straps for Apple Watch

The Moscow arbitration court dismissed the claim of OOO “Apple Rus, the Russian division of Apple, in which the company requested to invalidate the three decisions of the Central customs administration of the FCS of Russia about the change of customs classification straps for the Apple Watch. About it reports the Russian Agency of legal and judicial information (RAPSI).

Apple asked to recognize illegal the decision of the Respondent dated 13 November 2015 on the pre-classification of elastic straps for the smartwatch as a standalone product, the duty rate which varies in the range of 5-12,5%, and not as part of the main unit.

It happened on may 17. Apple Watch customs has classified as “watch” in code 9102, and the straps were assigned to the code 9113 (watch straps, watch bands, watch bracelets). In Apple disagreed with this classification and has filed lawsuits in court.

According to representatives of the FCS in the court, the straps are not part of “smart” hours, as they do not contain the controls and are intended only for attachment to the arm, to the same strap sold separately in individual packaging. Apple representatives in turn, said that the straps support the functionality of the main device.

Earlier, on may 17, the Moscow Arbitration court rejected Apple’s statement invalidate the decision of the Russian customs authorities, which the Apple Watch have been classified as a wrist watch, the customs rate for the import of which comes to 10%, not as devices for data transfer, the importation of which import duty exempt.

As explained in court, the representatives of the FCS, the devices were assigned to watch as one of the basic components of the Apple Watch is a component of the countdown, however, he does not have to be in the form of a watch. According to representatives Apple, the device is multifunctional, and to highlight its main component is impossible, rather, it should apply to microprocessors.

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