The Creator of Slack introduced the Windows 95 emulator for macOS

Now on the Apple platform, you can test for a rare operating system, and the memories of the soul.

The emulator built on the basis of Electron, is only 130 MB and runs on all modern devices. Visually it is no different from the authentic Windows 95. In the emulator you can run old games and some programs like Paint, Internet Explorer, and WordPad.

The only limitation is the lack of the ability to install and run applications from third party developers.

It should be noted that the image of the original WIndows 95 took 350 MB, but it supports all designed for the system software.

In recent years, many enthusiasts have decided to reminisce and began to create projects with old operating systems. For example, Stephen Hackett over the years collecting screenshots of different releases of macOS. His collection is now 1502 of the picture.

Perhaps in the future someone will create the same convenient and practical emulator Mac OS X is the old model, so owners of Apple computers with the experience could also take in the memories and let a tear.

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