The designer has introduced the concept of dark themes for iPhone iOS 11 X

IPhone X that like app with a dark interface will probably appreciate the new iOS concept 11 created by a student at the faculty of industrial design at the British University of Northumbria.

Student Maximos Angelakis created a concept iOS 11, showing how to look for a standard application in the dark design. He was inspired by watchOS, which uses a dark theme and OLED display.

Angelakis redrew the notification screen, home screen, folders, control center, App Store, Safari, Apple Music, iMessage, Apple Pay, “Health”, “Map”, “Contacts”, “Mail”, “Clock” and “Settings”.

The iOS users are waiting for the appearance of dark design. Dark theme, theoretically, should increase the battery life because OLED screens turn off the pixels when displaying black.

In iOS 11 appeared “Smart inversion”, which partially inverts the colors in the system. This setting does not turn the image on the screen in the negative, and changing light backgrounds on dark. Interface elements and media retain the current color. To enable this it is necessary to go to “Settings” → “General” → “accessibility” → “Adapt display” → “Invert colors”.

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