The display of the iPhone 7 with an expanded color gamut will change the idea of realism

Almost everything the user does on the iPhone, reflected on his display. It is here that we see photos, read messages, surf the web sites. Smartphones Apple new generation, submitted September 7, equipped with the most bright and colorful Retina display ever used in iPhone. Now the iPhone is even more extensive color palette of motion picture standard and more saturated colors.

On the screen of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus photos and videos look even more realistic and provide an even greater sense of immersion into the content with a wider color gamut. Technology Wide Color provides the highest accuracy unattainable for a “regular” display panels.

The displays in the iPhone 7 has a wider color gamut, whereby the color on the screen look brighter and more realistic. More tones, a wider dynamic range, more precisely each color. Display smartphone is available in the same color space which is used in the digital cinema industry.

On a “normal” displays the picture filled with a single color, Wide Color visible logo WebKit

“Retina HD display with the expanded color gamut provides color video cinematic quality. For each image, use more shades of the spectrum, so on the screen all looks really realistic. Whatever photos you have considered a collection of wedding dresses or Live Photos of tropical landscapes, the paint will be so natural that you won’t distinguish them from reality” – say at Apple.

It is known that the more accurate and realistic color, the picture on the screen is quicker and more natural. Standard phone screen with a colour space of sRGB displays is much less shades in comparison with reality. Display panel in the iPhone 7 provide a wider color gamut DCI-P3 color space was 25% wider. With a large number of colors in an image appear brighter, more realistic and allow us to consider even more detail in each photo.



For the first time Apple has used the color space DCI-P3 in the iMac of the last generation. This is what color space is used in modern cinemas. It covers a large part of the spectrum of natural origin, which helped to achieve major improvements in the field of color realism.

According to Apple, the iPhone used the best color management system among all smartphones on the market.

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