The era of post-PC is here, or that I love the iPad

When in March 2016 Apple was added to the lineup branded tablet 9.7 inch iPad Pro, the reaction of fans, the company was surprisingly calm. There was neither the enthusiastic cries of the first reviewers, nor reviews with such epithets as “amazing” and “incredible.” Only strict and prudent comments on the benefits of the new front models of yesteryear like support for pen Pencil display True Tone and color Rose Gold as the most important. In short, against the priorities user, representing the standard a little differently, to go it was useless.

To disagree with the overwhelming majority in this to me personally does not allow neither conscience nor common sense. In recent years, the iPad really began to take their positions. But not because the concept has become obsolete, on the contrary, it will remain relevant for years to come. The reason that influenced the weakening of the tablet market, has become the most common stagnation, which arose in the minds of consumers by the abundance of gadgets and availability of modern technology. But isn’t this what we expected?

Apparently, it’s not. Presented in 2010 the original iPad seemed to be a sort of spaceship deprived of atavism and capable to steer on the highway of innovation, ahead of passing various remnants like netbooks and laptops. Needless to say, what emerged was the hope for an era of post-PC with the release of the iPad 2 and does no longer resemble a Mirage and turned into something much more tangible. Doubt revolution was favorite company was again on horseback, and her Bank account full of a continuous stream of proceeds in retail funds.

Enjoy the amazing innovation and vision of Steve jobs and his team had, however, long. The sudden death of the ideologist of Apple Inc. literally forced employees of the Corporation to take decisive action and not waiting for the final running technologies, to produce two new products literally one after the other.

To reevaluate them, contrary to public opinion, it was really difficult. Absolutely incredible in its quality Retina display and a decent power proprietary chipsets became the starting point for the company, finally set foot on the path of futurism and innovation. Full of happiness remained just to clothe this technological excellence in a compact and lightweight body, the fixing between the case a few shortcomings.

The strange thing, however, when we received this, sales of the iPad launched into a rapid peak, to prevent which was not possible even for such a talented pilot like Tim cook. Or, in language more simple, it was corny. He was involved in the increase in operating profit and development of new products, and the time somehow to support the drop-down popularity of the iPad even marketing techniques, it practically does not remain.

Another thing iPhone. Its functionality and focus on the broadest audience practically did not leave chances to goof off. In contrast to the side-line of tablets, which quite made a few blunders like The New iPad or the iPad mini 3, iPhone always required an exclusive relationship. But even with all the variety of technological delights, the hardships, the iPad never tried to flirt with false innovation. On the contrary, he was always very honest with their owners and, I think, is good in its simplicity.

Be called this iPad product without a purpose or device-addition though, because its possibilities are at times much wider than a smartphone, simply impossible. I know of no other such device for content consumption, able to meet such a wide range of daily tasks as the iPad. It is perfect, regardless of diagonal display, for reading news, watching movies and videos, mobile photos, use as a notebook and even workstation.

To characterize the position of the iPad on the market, in my opinion, is best presented in the above diagram, showing the interest of society to space, intergalactic travel and colonization of Mars. Beginning in the early 60-ies of the last century “extraterrestrial boom gradually receded into the background, that does not mean the denial of humanity from the idea of further expansion and study of interplanetary space. We just reached the permitted maximum, but has not reached that drew us movies about the distant future.

Perhaps the era of post-PC has arrived and we have not lost hope for the future of holographic and teleportation, and there are the players?

Let us think together. Answers left in the comments.

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