The experiment showed that to buy equipment for the iPhone anyone

Edition Vice Motherboard have conducted an interesting experiment: tried to purchase special equipment that law enforcement agencies and experts used to hack smartphones. As mobile devices are already an integral part of our lives, the techs often have to pick up passwords to phones and get data from them. And the demand is known, creates supply.

The experiment showed that to buy equipment for the iPhone anyone

It turned out that to buy that particular equipment does not have to be a COP or to represent the company engaged in forensic science under contract. Such devices can be purchased without any checks, as some sellers do not care about the persona of the buyer.

On eBay I found a seller who sells not only hardware firewalls and other equipment, but also the device Universal Forensics Extraction Devices (UFED) of the company Cellebrite. This Israeli firm is developing the tools for cybercriminalite, and many believe that Cellebrite has helped the FBI to crack iPhone of a terrorist, whom the police went to the famous incident. Hardware and software company allows removing from your smartphone contact list, email, notes, call history, messages, browser logs and so on. As noted by Xaker, the Aforementioned seller on eBay offers UFED, designed for use in harsh conditions, such versions law enforcement use in the field.

The experiment showed that to buy equipment for the iPhone anyone

When journalists asked the seller if comes complete with equipment necessary, he replied that “the software is available online, you will be able to download it”.

Many sites that sell products Cellebrite require the buyer first signed up and put in the closed section of the website just to know the price interested in solutions. However, journalists Vice Motherboard found a Polish site which specializiruetsya on various instruments for private investigators, and there openly offered for $13 700 to purchase the UFED Touch Ultimate, designed for the extraction and deletion of data, as well as bypass the password protection.

The experiment showed that to buy equipment for the iPhone anyone

Journalists were able to add the item to your cart, specify shipping address, and passed almost the whole checkout process, but they have never asked whether they have any relevance to law enforcement. The terms and conditions of use also failed to detect any restrictions or mention of the fact that this products can’t be sold as simple “man on the street.” If this resource is licensed to sell products Cellebrite, which means that buyers are guaranteed to get the latest updates and technical support.

The results of this small investigation, the journalists asked the representatives of Cellebrite, asking them to comment on the situation. The company was limited to the laconic statement that their license agreement strictly forbids the resale of the UFED products.

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