The expert has discovered a vulnerability in uploaded on MacOS programs

Application developer for Mac Thomas reed revealed a vulnerability in already loaded on macOS programs. This information is published Virus Bulletin.

According to an employee of the company developers Malwarebytes Thomas Reid, the vulnerability of apps in macOS can be very dangerous for users of Apple devices. The problem of security, which knew neither Mac users nor administrators, were discovered in the mechanism of digital signature verification code. It’s tested extremely rare that allows hackers how to hack a program and modify them, not to mention the theft of personal data.

The developer found that before downloading each application is checked internal security system. However, after installation, the application automatically appears in the list checked, which means that when the hacker attack the criminals can take advantage of this program, gaining access to it without additional inspection or re-entering security codes. It makes defenseless millions of users of Apple computers.

“Attackers enough to replace the official executable with a malicious version and then rename the original. Most users simply do not pay attention to programs that are used for quite a long time and do not cause complaints or problems”

Thomas reed also added that the identified vulnerability can only be fixed by the developers itself macOS. To do this they will need to add the possibility of more frequent inspections and applications of digital codes, including for those programs that have already been downloaded to your computer.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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